A Tour of the Monastery
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There are over 260 outlying islands in Hong Kong, Lantau Island being the largest, lying to the south west of the Hong Kong Island. Hilly and mountainous, covered in greenery and completed with beautiful sandy beaches, it is a beautiful scenic place and is a world renowned tourist attraction.

The Po Lin Monastery sits in the middle of the island at an altitude of 400m, atop the Ngong Ping Plateau. Surrounded by hilly mountains, tranquil and serene, the monastery was established in 1906, having a history of over 100 years. For the magnitude of its development, and for the serenity of its environment, it is honoured as the “Buddhist World in the South.” Since the grand opening of the Tian Tan (Altar of Heaven) Big Buddha in December 1993, Po Lin Monastery has become a world renowned Buddhist monastery, devotees and tourists coming in flocks and droves throughout the year.

Briefly described below are the major architectural and scenic highlights of the monastery: