Vegetarian Food and Souvenir
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Vegetarian Kitchen

After a visit to the Big Buddha and having climbed up and down the long flight of stone steps, you will be forgiven for feeling a bit weak and sore in the legs. Nothing would beat a lull and a cup of tea in the monastery’s vegetarian kitchen and enjoy the special delicacy of vegetarian dishes of the monastery. Refilled and refreshed, you are then ready to continue with your exploration.

For modern people who are used to the hustle and bustle of city life, working under staggering pressure, and always wolfing down meals that are not exactly balanced at irregular hours, a vegetarian meal that “cleanses the stomach and intestine” in the quiet and idyllic ambience of the monastery offers a welcomed relief. Food is provided according to the number of people at a table to avoid wastage; and dishes are varied according to the season so that only the freshest vegetables find their way to the table. Generally visitors will be offered a soup, a deep-fried dish and a vegetable dish to go with rice. We trust you will be satisfied with the variety of the dishes.

There is a snack shop next to the vegetarian kitchen that provides more than ten special items such as steamed cakes, noodles and salty dim sums for the visitors. Among these snacks,bean curd dessert and glutinous rice dumplings with mango filling are the most renowned. The bean curd is home-made by monastery daily and is fragrant and silky-soft. It is the most highly praised. The dumplings with mango filling are provided only in small quantity. Visitors are well advised to seize the opportunity trying them when they are available.

Information of the Vegetarian Kitchen


On the left of the Main Shrine Hall
(facing the Main Shrine Hall)

Opening Hours

11:30 am to 4:30 pm


Enquiry may be made with the reception of the Vegetarian Kitchen or at the entrance of the Big Buddha Statue. Enquiry for
group meals booking ( Tel: 2985 4736 or Fax: 2985 5245 ).

Souvenir Shop

The Souvenir Shop is located at the Hall of Merits on the first floor of the base platform of the Big Buddha. Buddhist memorabilia and gift items that have been blessed in Dharma services are available. It is hoped that the merits accumulated there from shall contribute to the purification of the heart of all and serve as an inception into the Buddhist ways, and that enlightenment will be attained following the veins of causation in the tapestry of human eventualities with faith, immersion, devotion and practice.